why ghost is amazing?

For years I've been thinking about writing blog and post it to my personal page, but I thought I am very lazy for building a website. My plan was so easy

  • Ask a friend for a design and html
  • Buy a domain, register with Route 53
  • Setup a mongodb, use this db with a java web application, deploy it to EC2 and forward DNS requests to EC2 ip

Actually it's not easy but it's my work routine. Develop a web application, set up deployment environment on cloud and deploy the app. But when Kemal suggested me Ghost, I didn't know anything about it. I searched the web and decided to give it a try.

  • Buy a domain, register with Route 53
  • Opened a micro EC2 instance
  • Installed ghost in three minutes, and I have a personal webpage!

It just took 1 hour to use my webpage :) Otherwise it could take at least two weeks to develop and deploy the webpage. Ghost gave me everything for blogging and extra it increased my motivation for writing blog posts. Since you have a great blogging platform, your focus becomes just writing, nothing more. I spent my time on service shuttle by writing blog posts!

What if I didn't use Ghost? I could have spent more time on developing, deploying and maintaining, I could have lost my motivation on blogging and I could have learnt more information about SEO.

Coffee and Ghost

Later I found a chance to explore what Ghost brings automatically for me without any configuration.

  • Microdata! It includes microdata tags automatically for your post page, people page and main page. So search providers understands your page better. You can check your webpage for structured data validation from this link.
  • Has a satisfying markdown support but I believe Ghost team works on better support.
  • Meta tags for social share. So when your posts are shared, people see your posts' card more beautiful.
  • Let's you enter custom SEO tags which helps you reach your audience.
  • Responsive design, you don't need to worry for different screen sizes.
  • It's fast (Runs very good on AWS micro EC2 instance) and free :)
  • Has lots of great themes.
  • Tag support is so clever and easy.

These are my current observations and I hope to explore more about Ghost.

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