let's copy!

It's all about honesty!

One of the Turkish minister announced Turkey's national car's prototype and it looks like Saab's 9-3! Minister says this car will be amazing and robust and will be a flagship for Turkish economy etc etc. Since it's not an original design people started to share photos bullying this car. Because of this prototype is very similar to a Saab and has camouflage over it, people shared a local iPhone prototype :)

Turkish new iPhone

I really don't know what happened recently about the car, as far as I know Tubitak designed the car and they refuse it's similarities and insists on it's original design. But the question is: Does it need to be original?

  • Designing a car should not be an easy job. I'm sure it's very easy to draw a futuristic car sketchs but developing this design would be impossible. VW has 10 different car brands under it's group, they have huge experience to make cars! You don't have any car brand nor experience so you cannot take a lot of risk for your first try. Focus should stay on completing the project not shocking the world.
  • I think Turkey doesn't have enough resource (Money, freedom, good qualit universities, lecturer, factory, engineer, executive, political support etc) for this kind of new projects. Possible failure can end a lot of people's career, so it's very normal to copy from a successful project!
  • Turkish people doesn't believe in Turkish product's quality. I mean people prefer LG TV, iPhone, Bosch refrigerator, Samsung micro owen etc. So Turkish brands prefers quality over design. So I believe this car's target market is not the Turkish people whose focus is design.
  • As Picasso said “good artists copy; great artists steal” and Steve Job reminded us, it's better to steal the idea and why not design? Let's go step by step, why Turkey invests on car industry, because we are buying a lot of cars from foreign countries and this increases current account deficits. So by producing car a country can be more powerful country, government tries to reach it's 2023 goals, so investing on car industry makes a lot of sense. Let's all remember what China does? They are producing everything as it's original and selling to everywhere! They created huge and amazing know-how almost about everything with just copying! They don't have their own super brands yet but in future they sure will have! In today's world every brand is stealing from others, like Apple and Samsung.

And what is the problem? I think the only problem is as most of Turkish people, Tubitak is not honest on design or designers are fools Tubitak. In both scenarios Tubitak shall change something, they shall accept the similarities, that's all. They are doing the right thing, copying is good!

I think Turkey shall not try to be original and copy all the good ideas and improve them by adding nice features and try to find new markets and make more money. And spend this money on education! So we will have enough resource for producing new cool stuffs!

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