the best day is thursday

For years I have been telling to people that Thursday is the best day of the week and most of my friends, "Soner don't be silly, best day is Friday, best day is Saturday" etc etc.. But I'm sorry guys, clearly thursday is the best day in the week! Before reading my suggestions, make yourself believe in Thursdays are the best days of the week and go out do something different this thursday and see how thursday is awesome! I love to extend my weekend. Ok here is my reasons:

  • I feel like weekend starts when the work is over on thursdays. Most of the people doesn't work effectively on fridays since they are too excited for the weekend. I observe most of the people are checking time regularly on fridays. People look like zombies on fridays on work (They just wanna go home! They don't wanna produce anything) which makes it zombie day :) On the other hand, people are super energic on thursdays, that's make thursday most energic day! Everybody sleeps super happy on thrusdays :)
  • On fridays most of the pubs are over capacity with people whose target day is friday. But it's not same on thursdays, most of the places are crowded with people regular social life, people who celebrates early weekend, it’s ok to go out on thursday night, you can definitely survive one day after
  • If you go out on thursday and rest on friday, you find a chance to empty your whole weekend and make it longer for your personal projects!
  • If you like shopping, it's your last chance before weekend shopping madness.
  • Here is a good suggestion: Thursday Might Be the Best Day to Start New Habits
  • Wanna go to movie? Guess what? Friday is the most crowded day of the week, so thursday is cooler again!

There is no song about how cool is thursday, so if you have talent you can be a superstar with a song about thursday, because I believe a lot of people are waiting a song about the best day, thursday!

This song is for the people who thinks friday rocks!

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