Devnot workshop

I will be guest of Devnot next week on 10th of October and make a workshop about Elastic Beanstalk's auto scalability features. Here you can find the event's details and you can register from Eventbrite's page. Here is the detailed architecture for the workshop. I will demonstrate scalability with respect

ordinary service party

Yesterday our service shuttle driver opened spotify from his brand new iPhone 6s and started to play Driving Commute playlist. It was raining and the atmosphere was so romantic, service people started to talk about Kafka, Goethe, Dostoyevski and one man started to read his favorite Oscar Wilde's poem! But

the best day is thursday

For years I have been telling to people that Thursday is the best day of the week and most of my friends, "Soner don't be silly, best day is Friday, best day is Saturday" etc etc.. But I'm sorry guys, clearly thursday is the best day in the week! Before

easy money in 3 hours

I strongly recommend you not to try this scenario and I won't take any responsibility if you try and lose money. This is not a financial advice. First of all, I love enpara and it's mobile application. I have been using it for more than 1 year and after using

scalability for dummies

I think scalability is the most sexiest feature of the cloud computing! You don't have any computer and at the same time you have millions of computers which your application scales! I think for startups a cloud platform is a must since you cannot buy many servers in the beginning