it's all about payment

I personally hate carrying wallets all the time with me. Even though it is small and tiny I don't want to carry my id, credit card and money all the time. It's too annoying, I am going out for buying a coffee and walking in the streets just for relaxing

let's copy!

It's all about honesty! One of the Turkish minister announced Turkey's national car's prototype and it looks like Saab's 9-3! Minister says this car will be amazing and robust and will be a flagship for Turkish economy etc etc. Since it's not an original design people started to share photos

the best day is thursday

For years I have been telling to people that Thursday is the best day of the week and most of my friends, "Soner don't be silly, best day is Friday, best day is Saturday" etc etc.. But I'm sorry guys, clearly thursday is the best day in the week! Before