why ghost is amazing?

For years I've been thinking about writing blog and post it to my personal page, but I thought I am very lazy for building a website. My plan was so easy Ask a friend for a design and html Buy a domain, register with Route 53 Setup a mongodb, use

let's copy!

It's all about honesty! One of the Turkish minister announced Turkey's national car's prototype and it looks like Saab's 9-3! Minister says this car will be amazing and robust and will be a flagship for Turkish economy etc etc. Since it's not an original design people started to share photos

mastersofcode istanbul

Previous weekend I attended mastersofcode hackathon in Istanbul, this is my first hackathon experience as competitor. I organised two hackathons and I was mentor at these two hackathons. But being a competitor is so much different and I wasn't handle it well. In eventbrite page of the event, there is

finger fetishes! #Fingaah

Hey guys! I have a great news for you if you love the iOS games! I am not a big fan of games, because I don't have much free time, my only available time is toilet time or service shuttle I don't have good reflexes, my brain also works slow,

Devnot workshop

I will be guest of Devnot next week on 10th of October and make a workshop about Elastic Beanstalk's auto scalability features. Here you can find the event's details and you can register from Eventbrite's page. Here is the detailed architecture for the workshop. I will demonstrate scalability with respect