Java Spring MVC rate limit

We are developing a simple mobile app which has a rest api. Team consists of a backend developer(Me me me!), ionic developer, designer and web developer. Since I don't like complexity in my code, I always try to isolate my work with other team members technically, so developing Rest


Local, Test, UAT, PreProd, Prod. And maybe many more. You need different environments during the development lifecycyle. Local environment: For the POCs and local development. You can use your local machine or company server. Test environment: When you develop some modules, you can deploy your code to test environment for

why ghost is amazing?

For years I've been thinking about writing blog and post it to my personal page, but I thought I am very lazy for building a website. My plan was so easy Ask a friend for a design and html Buy a domain, register with Route 53 Setup a mongodb, use

let's copy!

It's all about honesty! One of the Turkish minister announced Turkey's national car's prototype and it looks like Saab's 9-3! Minister says this car will be amazing and robust and will be a flagship for Turkish economy etc etc. Since it's not an original design people started to share photos

mastersofcode istanbul

Previous weekend I attended mastersofcode hackathon in Istanbul, this is my first hackathon experience as competitor. I organised two hackathons and I was mentor at these two hackathons. But being a competitor is so much different and I wasn't handle it well. In eventbrite page of the event, there is