ordinary service party

Yesterday our service shuttle driver opened spotify from his brand new iPhone 6s and started to play Driving Commute playlist.

It was raining and the atmosphere was so romantic, service people started to talk about Kafka, Goethe, Dostoyevski and one man started to read his favorite Oscar Wilde's poem!

Istanbul from service shuttle's window

But than driver said "Are we here to sit? Come on let's dance!" We were 14 people in the service and we all started to dance! We started to dance like it was our last day in life!

Dancing in service shuttle

Everybody was having so much fun and there was no traffic in Istanbul, driver suggested to go further and continue party! We all shouted "Hell yeah" and he drove us to infinity by country side, the road was amazing with full of forests!

Roads of Istanbul

Service people were so stylish, all of them just had a shower and put their most expensive parfume on. Then someone popped a champagne bottle and we all celebrated our victory! We were home after two great hours!

This is how we rock in Istanbul

This is just an ordinary day in Istanbul, you haven't heard the most crazy one yet! We have so much fun everyday! This is Istanbul and this is how we party! Did you hear me Prague, London, Berlin, Los Angeles! We are cooler than you!

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