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I personally hate carrying wallets all the time with me. Even though it is small and tiny I don't want to carry my id, credit card and money all the time. It's too annoying, I am going out for buying a coffee and walking in the streets just for relaxing and I wear one of comfy shorts which has two front pockets. I shall take keys and phone and purse. If I carry all of them my comfy shorts won't be comfy anymore. Which one is the heaviest/biggest/unnecessary? Yes, purse! Because in 2015 theorically mobile phone shall be used for payment!

But in Turkey we don't have too much option. The only option is Parakod. I can be wrong maybe there are different options. Anyways. First of all when I google "Isbank telefon ile odeme" (Isbank pay with mobile), Parakod is the fourth google result! :) I don't know who checks the fourth google result, mostly I only check the first two google search. Last week I visited Denmark and you can use mobile payment almost everywhere, including hawkers! Than I checked their website numbers are great!

Danske Bank created MobilePay to address the need for very simple money transfers. The ambition was to make transferring money to friends and businesses as easy as it is to send a text message. On 7 May 2013, this ambition was realised with the launch of the MobilePay app. On that day alone, 25,000 people downloaded the app. After four months, there were 500,000 users, and two years after the launch, more than 2 million Danes had downloaded MobilePay. About 70% of users are customers at other banks than Danske Bank.

Let's take a look the options which can be copied from USA:

  • Bitcoin: Works everywhere (Just download the app), uses QR code. Secure? Seems secure but not sure :) Since it's totally independent money system it's very private and easy to use. Rarely accepted.
  • Samsung Pay: Only works with Samsung Galaxy 6, fingerprint ok, uses NFC and MST for old card machines. Secure, easy, works almost everywhere.
  • Google Wallet: Works everywhere (Just download the app), you can send money (With app or email), securebut google takes your card. It's easy to use but works with some places have NFC-enabled registers.
  • Apple Pay: Works with only iOS devices, fingreprint ok, uses NFC, secure, it seems quick and easy for iOS device users. But it doesn't work everywhere, some places have NFC-enabled registers.
  • PayPal: Works everywhere (Just download the app), you can send money (Phone number or email), of course it uses PayPal network. It's easy to use but works with some places who accept PayPal.

There is a big and amazing market gap in Turkey about the mobile payments. Let's see who will fill this gap like Danske Bank! I hope to live cash and wallet free life in Turkey soon.

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