led zeppelin for your current mood

wanna feel awesome

If you feel sad and feel awesome, here is your recipe! Whole Lotta Love, released in 1969, from Zeppelin's second album! I still remember how I started to dance when first time I heard the drum solo in the song!

boost your energy

If you need to boost your energy, start your car's engine and play Black Dog, released in 1971. I think Black Dog is known by most of the people, but I am sure most of the people don't know this song is a Zeppelin song.

break up

Thank You is a perfect song for your break up times. Lyrics are very touching, warming and kind which makes you feel the love in your heart.

"If the sun refused to shine, I would still be loving you. "


When you don't know what to do with your relation, the moment you want to break up but at the same time continue, there is no better song than Babe I'm Gonna Leave You. I'm sure it won't show you the best way to finish the dilemma. It's a folk song and Zeppelin covered the Joan Baez's version. It has very aggressive solo and makes me feel very angry!

want to drink?

When I am out of alcohol and don't wanna go to tobacco shop, I listen this song! Because Since I've Been Loving You makes me feel I need to drink! I'm not kidding :) This song makes you believe in blues and thank god for the Zeppelin! Thank you!

time travel

Sometimes you feel alone and miss someone you lost and want to feel they are happy wherever they are! I think this song makes a bridge between you and them, travels you them. Stairway to Heaven! According to many list, it has the best solo ever.

I know I have to make another list! Stay tuned for the second one and tell me your favourites song and when you listen them.

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