stoppage time goal!

For a football supporter, the best goal is the goal which is scored in the last minute of the stoppage time! Your tension increases every minute your team doesn't score and you start to feel the fear of not winning home game! When you loose all your faith in winning the game, a magical touch makes your heart beat faster, it's a goal!.

When the stoppage time is almost over of Fenerbahce - Antalyaspor match, I was so upset because of the missing goals, I thought about the leaving match but referee whistle stopped me. A freekick! Nani took the ball from Diego Ribas and van Persie, he decided to score, he was so confident!

Everybody started to yell "Come on Nani! Come on my man! You can do it"! And I became excited and started to record the moment! He slowly started to walk through the ball (Actually he wasn't slow, he was very fast but I felt it was so slow) and I only remember everybody started to celebrate the goal! Nani put the ball to the exact position where it had to be! Best part of the video is the celebration and the camera's irrelevant records.

Yes, I was so happy! We won the game against Antalyaspor and it felt so good! Keep going guys! We are the best! We are Fenerbahçe!

And for this amazing goal:

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