finger fetishes! #Fingaah

Hey guys!

I have a great news for you if you love the iOS games! I am not a big fan of games, because

  • I don't have much free time, my only available time is toilet time or service shuttle
  • I don't have good reflexes, my brain also works slow, so I cannot get good scores on games and it stamps out my motivation

But on the other hand, I love watching people playing games. If I have enough beer, I can watch games until I become drunk. Especially if a game can be played by a group of people at the same time, it is even better to watch!

For a long time I haven't visited App Store's Games category and Teorik Deli (aka Utku) suggested me his beta game, Fingaah and I started to test the game as an amateur player. I addicted to the game in seconds and cannot stop myself playing over and over again. There is no story on the game, there is only fingers in the game! In addition there is pop corn and beers! And it's a very good way to reduce your daily stress.

Finger in beer glass

Yesterday while I was playing at the metro, a man asked me the name of the game and wanted to try the game. It is really addictive! At his first try, he scored more than 10000 points where my best score is 540 :) I am really really bad at playing games :)

I will still playing game and I am sure I will play more till beating 1000 points. It would take long time but I have time! Yeah!! My aim is cutting as more finger as I can ahahah

I know I didn't tell about the game's story, here is the awesome game:

I will keep updating about my best scores from my twitter page. And if you have any comment about the game Teorik Deli(Theoretical Insane) is here for you!

And this great game is an artwork of Mr. Alper, you will see what I mean when you follow this link! That's why we see great graphics and tasakmeter! Love you guys!