Chaos in Istanbul

Istanbul has 14 million population and in a regular day Istanbul people use public transportation 11.544.029 times. There are more than 18 million cars registered in Istanbul! There are more than 5 million people work in Istanbul, which is 35% of the total population. Please take a look at Istanbul rapid transit network, looks fine :)

Let's play with numbers

Let's assume there is no tourist in Istanbul for a single day, population 14M.
Let's assume 5M people don't use any transportation for that day, same as registered workers.
11.544.029 ticket means, maximum 11.544.029 people use public transportation which is 5.772.014 people.
So in total, 14.000.000 - 5.000.000 - 5.772.014 = 3.227.986 people use private vehicles or shuttles.
Turkish don't like shuttle, most of them prefer private cars but we will continue to be optimist about the numbers and lets say 120.000 shuttle are in service in Istanbul and 15 people are using these shuttles on average. In total 1.800.000 people are using shuttles! WOW!
So, in conclusion 3.227.986 - 1.800.000 = 1.427.986 people are using their own private cars! Let's keep on being optimist and let's say each car carries 3 people everyday, which means 475.995 cars are on traffic everyday in Istanbul, transit vehicles are not included these numbers. What about the real number? There are more than 18 million cars registered in Istanbul!! Can you feel the chaos???

so what's this mean?

According to google maps, distance to my office from my house is 44.5 km and estimate travel time is 45 mins, but in real it takes 1.5 hours minimum! Everyday I travel from 6.15 to 7.45, in a 8 m2 shuttle with 10 others. And my travel is not the worst, actually for that distance I have the shortest travel time! If you travel from European side to Asian side at the same time, for the same distance, you can spend more than 3 hours in Istanbul. And I believe this can make Istanbul the worst city in the world.

Can you imagine how crazy it is to drive in prime times in Istanbul? Personally I feel like terrible If I miss the shuttle and have to drive to work! And if I have to drive, I listen Radio Eksen and it makes feel less pain in the traffic, literally.

But the worst part, Istanbul people get used to these travel times and it's too normal for them which blocks to change something in this beautiful city. In Istanbul best option is motorcycle and horse, horse is not popular yet, but I believe horse will be very popular soon.

Here is Istanbul photo, as you can clearly see Istanbul is a great city for ship transport but only 2 percent of the transportation is based on sea and unfortunately this percentage won't change in future, what a shame.

Istanbul satellite photo

Are you brave enough to live in Istanbul? Oh sorry for typo, I mean, are you too stupid to live in Istanbul?

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