easy money in 3 hours

I strongly recommend you not to try this scenario and I won't take any responsibility if you try and lose money. This is not a financial advice.

First of all, I love enpara and it's mobile application. I have been using it for more than 1 year and after using enpara I started to save more money than ever.

Shortly, enpara is a mobile bank and allows you transfer your money, buy/sell foreign currencies, use credit from bank in minutes without paperwork and it gives you daily interest. In the beginning I only use bank's daily interest, it is super for me since my financial state is not so stable because of a lot of expenses. I prefer to use daily interest than monthly interest. And it's daily interest is higher than other bank's monthly interest. And if you close your credit in the same day, you don't pay any credit interest to the bank, wow!

During the work, I regularly check the USDTRY currency from Bloomberg. 52w range USD agains to TRY is 2.1902 - 3.0695, which means TRY lost it's value against to USD by 40%! So if I keep my money in TRY, I will lose my fortune 40%. Here are some reasons. So Turkish people should monitor USDTRY!

On 9th of September, I decided to use credit from enpara and buy some USD with the money since the currency rate is lower than usual, I felt that currency will increase in 4-5 hours. Main idea to buy USD with lower rate and sell it from higher rate and make money from this buy/sell! At 10:41 I used credit 9.900 TL and bought 3.305 USD with the rate 2,995250. It started to increase after 11 AM, plan was working very good. At 13.35 the rate reached to 3,01475 and I sold all the money and made 9.963,75 TL! I bought currency risk and credit debit risk and made 63 TL (20,89 USD) in 3 hours. Here is the transactions:

Transactions of scenario

Of course you can easily loose money by this scenario but I was lucky :)