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Minimum wage in Turkey is only 949,07 TL after tax! Which means it is only 312 USD, 14.18 USD per day for 22 days month and 1.57 USD per hour for 9 hours day. As you can see in Turkey we live in a comfort :) Since we live in a comfort, we have to pay for the special events like football matches all around the world (English Premier League, UEFA Champions League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Turkish Super League etc), Euroleague, NBA, Formula 1 and even Wimbledon tennis cup! Let's see the prices and compare it with minimum wage.

Turkish Super League

Broadcaster: Digiturk

Most of Turksih people follows Turkish Super League even the league's low quality. Turkish football culture is success oriented and it does not have long term plans. So in a regular season any club can change it's manager more than 3 times, this is very normal. But anyway, we have one league and we follow it and we are so serious about this! And if you want to watch whole Turkish Super League Games from satelliye you have to pay 75 TRY or 55 TRY to watch only your team's games. And there is also web player option which costs you 35 TRY for low quality, 45 TRY for high quality(I assumed league starts on August and finishes on May).

European Leagues

Broadcaster: Digiturk

This package includes English Premier League, Serie A, La Liga, Ligue 1 and Brasil League, Euroleague, Turkish Basketball League, Wimbledon Tennis Champions and Formula 1 and costs you 32 TRY, web version is only 12 TRY.

Champions League

Broadcaster: Tivibu

The most important league for the European football and it's a must watch tournament from the first game to final! It is 40 TRY for the 24 months of commitment.


Broadcaster: D-Smart

GMT difference isn't important for us! We love this game and we have to pay at least 34 TRY for watching all NBA games. And your 24 month of commitment is also required.

Broadcast Price / Minimum Wage

In Turkey, if you want to watch your team's football games, English Premier League, Wimbledon Tennis Cup and European Champions League, your invoice is at least 97 TRY (45 TRY + 12 TRY + 40) and two different receiver. Bonus you have extra 2 remote controls!

In short, for Turkey, if you compare 97 with 949 (Minimum wage), 10%!

What about England, minimum wage is £6.70 per hour and working 22 days and 9 hours each day, you will get £1326.6. For full coverage of the Sky Sports' price is £45 and the ratio is only 3.2%!

This 3.2% and 10% tells us great tips about the life quality in this two countries. England produces more, gives more money to citizens and entertainment industry is cheaper than Turkey! Watching sport games in Turkey is so expensive!!! Football is the only fun for this poor country and it's quite expensive!

And for the last word, Turkish people spend 100 TRY annual for their team's activities, including jersey, tshirt, match broadcasts etc.

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